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Dermal Fillers

Achieve plump perfection instantly
Replace lost volume or augment tired and hollow facial features
15 Minutes - Zero Downtime

Instant results that last

Discover our premium quality dermal fillers. Regain a younger look & claim your confidence back.
Achieve plump perfection and contour the face with the subtle, natural lift of dermal fillers. Filler is fantastic for revolumising and restoring a softer more youthful appearance. Extremely versatile, this treatment can be used to enhance multiple areas of the face including the lips, cheeks, jawline and chin.

Instant Results That Last Up To 1-2 Years

Replace lost volume and hollow facial features with our premium range of fillers

Quick & Easy Appointment

Achieve plump perfection in 15-30 minutes

Zero Downltime

With customised treatment plans tailored to you

Turn Back the Clock

We can treat your lips, jawline, under eye, cheeks and more with unmatched attention to detail
Dermal Filler
per mL of dermal filler.
Achieve pout perfection or killer, contoured cheeks with our new client offer. Plump it up for just $299 per mL of dermal filler.

Available to new clients only.

What areas can be treated?

At Skin Boost Clinics, our cosmetic doctors and beauty therapists combine their aesthetic sense, advanced training, and experience with fillers to create a refreshed and rested appearance that our patients love. We customise our treatment plans to meet the needs of each individual.

Hands up how many of us wish our cheekbones were higher and more prominent to frame our face? Dermal filler can be used to create a contoured cheek to give a more feminine look or to restore loss of cheekbone as we age. Placing filler in the cheekbone area can also have the added effect of lifting your lower face and improving areas like the nose to mouth lines.

If you have a slim face, as we age, the temples become hollower and more sunken, which affects the overall appearance and youthful aspect of the face. This area can also hold a lot of tension when we develop headaches. We have extensive training in facial anatomy and will be able to restore volume and even lift the side of the brow area.

While some of us are lucky and have a well contoured chin that balances our face, some also have a slightly recessed chin that’s set further back. Injecting dermal filler into the chin area is an excellent way to create a more defined profile. We can create a more heart shaped feminine look to the face for women or a more prominent, defined and masculine shape for men.

Achieve a supermodel jawline with a more defined neck and chiseled contour and profile of the face. The treatment is popular for both men and women whether it’s to create a strong masculine shape or a more feminine silhouette. The filler is gently placed around the jawline angle to give a more angular and sculpted look.

Lip enhancements shouldn’t be scary (no ducks given). At Skin Boost Clinics, we’ll give you total control over the amount injected, and if you’re unsure what you want, we can advise based on lip shape and size. The lips are then simply plumped up or boarders can be injected to give more shape and an overall plush pout. We believe in a stepwise approach to building lips up so generally offer 1ml to the top and bottom lip and follow simple injection rules for a natural look. We never kiss and tell!

These lines appear over time around the mouth and can be ageing. They occur as collagen breaks down in the face with loss of elasticity. Placing a soft dermal filler in this area to help smooth the grooves and create a gentler look that makes a big difference to the face.

Do you look in the mirror and feel tired with dark bags and grooves under your eyes? If so, a tear trough treatment is your answer to brighten the area. Located between your lower eyelid and cheek, when the filler is placed in the area hydrates, lightens the pigmentation and can also reduce fine lines. Hasta la vista, tired eyes!

Enhance your natural features

As we age, we lose essential collagen in our face, and it can become flatter and start to sag. Deeper grooves can develop around your mouth, eyes can look hollower, and lips become thinner. When dermal filler is injected into the target area, it draws in water and moisture to plump-up and hydrates the skin before meshing into normal skin tissue, giving you instantly smoother skin, lifted grooves and adding volume. The best bit? Results are instant meaning you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.
Collagen, which is found in the network of your skin, acts like scaffolding for the face. As we age, this starts to break down. Fillers simply replace that lost collagen lifting the flatter areas and refreshes your look. Although the filler dissolves over time, it can also stimulate your body to produce its own collagen, which improves the quality of your skin over the long term. The benefits of these types of treatments can go beyond 1-2 years.


When you arrive for your free consultation, you’ll be asked to fill out a health questionnaire before the appointment, so when the cosmetic nurse meets you, she has a good understanding of who you are. We’ll go through your full history, discussing past treatments you’ve had and discuss any worries or concerns. And most importantly, the results you would like to achieve.

We are always honest with clients when assessing their suitability for dermal fillers. If the team feel other lifting procedures would be better, we’ll tell you. Once you’ve decided to have a treatment, you will be offered numbing cream for 15 minutes to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

With our light-handed technique, at the worst, you will feel a sharp scratch and a little pressure as the filler is injected. This will ease with further injections when the local anesthetic in the gel starts to work. There can be some redness and swelling that occurs but typically clears within 20 minutes so you can get right back to your busy day.

Sometimes bruising can come out a day later which can be covered with concealer. It does make sense to plan your diary to carry out lip fillers at least seven days before a big party or an event as more swelling can occur in this area.

We welcome you back to the clinic for a free follow-up at the 2-week mark to make sure you’re happy with the results.
Most patients can resume full activities following injections of dermal filler. Patients are instructed to avoid rubbing the injected area for a day (just to be extra cautious) in addition to reframing from exercise for the next 24 hours.

Fillers may last between 6 –24 months depending on the amount injected and filler type.

These treatments use needles and are piercing the skin, therefore, there will be a risk of bruising and swelling.

We recommend patients to not move around the medication in the area that was injected. Most patients will be able to return to their daily activities. We recommend to schedule filler treatments when there is enough time to rest just in case there is excessive bruising.
There should little or no pain following injection of dermal filler. Heavier fillers can cause more swelling, so patients should not schedule critical events right after getting filler.

Depending on where you are being treated, there will be minimal discomfort at the injection site. However, we have local numbing agents to assist in pain reduction.
Results for dermal filler treatment are immediate. However, the final results will be seen about 1-2 weeks after the injection. We need to let the swelling go down and let the filler settle in to get a better view of the final results.
Bruising may or may not happen. We are after all, piercing the skin with the needle. We always recommend patients to stop taking any aspirin or ibuprofen because this may cause your body to bruise more easily. Remember, we can take precautions, but we cannot guarantee that you will not bruise.

Lumps may sometimes be felt immediately afterwards. Especially if you feel very closely. These will either be massaged by your medical provider if needed or will settle in after 2 weeks. We always recommend our patients to ask as many questions as possible if they are unsure.

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