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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Get the younger look you really want
Smooth days ahead and results that last 6 months
15 Minutes - Zero Downtime

15 Minutes Is All
It Takes

With quick results that last up to 6 months

Zero Downtime

A fast way to look as young and fresh as you want

Banish Wrinkles And Fine Lines

While preventing new ones from forming

Simple And Non-invasive

We can treat frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, masseters and more
Anti Wrinkle
60 units
The forecast is smooth with 60 units of anti-wrinkle injections for just $199. Banish pesky fine lines and say hello to a more refreshed aesthetic.

Available to new clients only.

What conditions can be treated?

Unfortunately, wrinkles are a part of life and as we age stress, UV exposure, laughter and tears all cause expression lines on our faces to appear. Fortunately, anti-wrinkle injections are a simple, non-invasive procedure that can dramatically minimise even the most prominent wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing.

Otherwise known as your angry face, these are the deep lines in-between your eyebrows that can form from over-expression. By treating with an anti-wrinkle relaxant, you can prevent deep grooves from forming and becoming permanent while also relieving any tension that is held in this area due to the muscle contracting so often, which can ease headaches.

Crow’s feet are the fine lines that can appear around the eyes when you smile. Unfortunately, they can also frame the eye, which in-turn can make your eyes appear smaller. Having this area treated will assist in creating a more rested, rejuvenated and brighter appearance. It won’t change the way you smile or how your face looks when you smile – it will just clear the ageing lines that have appeared over time.

Unfortunately, not as cute as they sound! These are little wrinkles that appear around the bridge of your nose when you laugh. Two simple small injections into the contracting muscle can smooth the area, ensuring no deeper lines appear around the nasal bridge.

Truth bomb: the neck can give away your age. Muscles that pop out from the base of the neck to either side of your neck when you strain or talk energetically can be softened with anti-wrinkle injections. When these tight stringy muscles are relaxed, it can give you a smoother, more youthful neck.

These horizontal lines appear on the upper forehead when you elevate your eyebrows and can become deeper and more prominent in people who have a lot of expressions when talking or surprised. A very light treatment in this area can dramatically smooth out these lines without looking frozen in time or affecting the level of your eyebrows.

These are the large muscles on either side of the jaw, treating them with anti-wrinkle injections is a fantastic option for patients suffering from jaw clenching while also slimming and contouring the lower face. Jaw clenching causes grinding damage on the teeth and a tight masseter muscle which creates tension headaches radiating from the neck up to the temple area. The muscles can also significantly enlarge, giving a square/box face from constant clenching. However, with anti-wrinkle injections, we’re able to relax the area and reduce headaches while also protecting the teeth and giving more feminine contouring of the lower face.

As we age, the muscles around our mouth can become tighter and stiff. This pulls on the corners of the mouth, giving a sad look, which can be ageing. However, a couple of simple small injections can soften this pull and give you a happier, less grumpy look.

Soften and prevent dynamic lines and wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle injections will help tackle the signs of ageing by reducing overactive facial muscles that pull and tug on the skin, helping you look smoother and tighter. The break your skin gets from the muscles continually moving will allow it to smooth out, giving a fresher overall look.

The treatment is non-invasive and will last up to 6 months, preventing those pesky fine lines developing. We recommend regular treatments 2-3 times a year, to keep you rejuvenated with nothing but smooth days ahead.
Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used for treating medical conditions, such as – excessive armpit sweating (Hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (Bruxism)and headaches (Migraines). Miracle worker, magic elixir?! That’s one way to put it!


When you arrive for your free consultation, you’ll be asked to fill out a health questionnaire before the appointment, so when the cosmetic nurse meets you, she has a good understanding of who you are. We’ll go through your full history, discussing past treatments you’ve had and discuss any worries or concerns. And most importantly, the results you would like to achieve.

We are always honest with clients when assessing their suitability for dermal fillers. If the team feel other lifting procedures would be better, we’ll tell you. Once you’ve decided to have a treatment, you will be offered numbing cream for 15 minutes to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

With our light-handed technique, at the worst, you will feel a sharp scratch and a little pressure as the filler is injected. This will ease with further injections when the local anesthetic in the gel starts to work. There can be some redness and swelling that occurs but typically clears within 20 minutes so you can get right back to your busy day.

Sometimes bruising can come out a day later which can be covered with concealer. It does make sense to plan your diary to carry out lip fillers at least seven days before a big party or an event as more swelling can occur in this area.

We welcome you back to the clinic for a free follow-up at the 2-week mark to make sure you’re happy with the results.
At Skin Boost Clinics, our anti-wrinkle injections are administered by a licensed healthcare professional to treat moderate to severe frown lines (those wrinkles between the eyebrows).

Medically, it’s a botulinum neurotoxin (abobotulinumtoxinA), an acetylcholine release inhibitor and a neuromuscular blocking agent. It temporarily prevents specific muscle movements that cause frown lines.
Although appointment visits can vary, the procedure generally takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Though results vary, over half of users see improvement in moderate to severe frown lines between the brows within 2-3 days.

One treatment of anti wrinkle provides results that last for up to 6 months.
While side effects are uncommon and minimal, some patients can experience headache, injection site pain, injection site skin reaction, sinus inflammation, and nausea.

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